Thursday, 28 February 2008

Get the Look

Two things happen to me with alarming regularity. Their appearance in my life is too frequent to be considered coincidence.

The first is seeing people on the street openly weeping. I am forever witnessing various types of either gender, differing age and non-specific economic bracket, bawling their eyes out in front of me. Not just a single tear or a dewy misting - but full on cloth-renting upsetness. And they always give me an odd look, as if I'm somehow responsible for their misery. They break-off from they snotty gulping and gasping, cheek-stained blubbering to glare at me in accusatory fashion.

And while we're on the subject of odd looks, this is the other thing that happens to me. People stare at me with open jawed, decorumless ferocity. They stand stock still, ceasing whatever task they were involved with and look at me with an unnerving clarity. Of course I check my dress, ensure nothing is adhered to me or if I've suddenly developed a hump. But no, I can't detect anything untoward. Eventually I will stare back and they'll realise they are staring and swiftly look away.

I wonder if they're connected? I wonder if the people crying are people who were staring earlier on in the day and my appearance induced this hysteria. That would explain why they give me such accusing glances. But doesn't explain why I cause this reaction in people. If you see me and feel compelled to stare and then to cry, please let me know. I'm not overly concerned, just curious.

1 comment:

wreck said...

The people who were staring at you are the ones who had been crying. You got it backwards.