Monday, 9 February 2009


I saw a gentleman on the underground train this morning with what can only be described as a 'Jamie Cullum' backpack. That is a regular backpack - a powder blue in hue - with Jamie Cullum's name in some kind of swirly font, plus the name of his latest opus underneath. Could this possibly be ironic? Would anyone take irony this far? To the point of a backpack? Surely not even Jamie Cullum wouldn't enjoy a Jamie Cullum backpack? Who possibly could? Either you were rushing from the house - all your other backpacks had caught fire, there was no other device for holding or transporting items because you are Amish and so you have to reach for the Jamie Cullum promotional backpack that was left at your house by a deranged PR executive. But even then surely you would obscure the Jamie Cullum area of the backpack with excrement or localised soil? It was an odd sight and not a little off-putting.

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Quantum Cruise said...

I suppose this means everything I'm thinking it means.