Saturday, 8 January 2011

State Visit from God

- Hello
- Woah!
- What?
- Nothing.
- Did you say Noah?
- No. Woah! An exclamation of surprise.
- Ah yes, because of all this.
- Yes. What is that exactly?
- I don’t know what you’d call it really. I was so busy naming other things, I never got around to calling it anything. What would you say?
- Erm… the closest I could come to it would probably be… electric tentacles?
- Well that will do for know. You were expecting me weren’t you?
- Not exactly. Did you call ahead?
- I left a message with someone.
- Who was that?
- Some guy, I don’t know. Wears a lot of tin foil. Hangs out by that bridge.
- Oh him. Yeah, actually I think I heard him shouting something about it the other day.
- Huh. Thought there might be a band or something.
- Have you been before?
- Yeah, ages ago. I popped down to see how things were going. Lot of big lizards. I don’t remember putting that together at all. They still around?
- No, they died. How come it’s taken so long to visit?
- Well, I do have the whole universe to look after. And I had that back thing.
- Right, I had one of those.
- Anyhoo, I better be off. Looks as if you people are doing ok. I guess I’ll see you in another couple of millennia.
- OK great.
- See ya.
- Bye. And thanks for visiting Bongo Burger. Next!

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Madame Cur said...

I wish you'd blog more.